Traumatized by seeing his mother having sex with a low rent Andrew Dice Clay, Arthur goes bonkers and kills them both. Thanks to a combination high protein asylum food, and regular exercise, Arthur grows up to be a huge pro-wrestler sized spree killer. He kills a ton of people, but gets obsessed with the one that got away. She happens to be an actress shooting a sci-fi movie in the desert, which allows them to showcase some terrible costumes, and some amazing Gahan Wilson monsters. As we're in the midst of a global apocalypse, Matt was unavailable, so Tristan is joined by his wife Michelle for this very special episode of The Fun Box Monster Podcast. 

More Episodes

Fun Box Monster Podcast #62 : Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

March 11, 2020

Sorority Babes is an example of a movie. Join Matt, Tristan, and special guest Brandon Kawashima for a podcast which discusses it. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #61 Night of the Comet (1984)

March 4, 2020

     Have you ever seen Omega Man and wished it was full of Valley Girls? I may have a film for you.

     On the night of the return of the comet that killed the dinosaurs, our hero Reggie is too busy playing Tempest and getting busy to go out and watch. This, combined with the steel shielding in the building saved her from a fate of becoming either a pile of dust, or one of what seems like maybe 3 zombies in all of LA. As zombie movies go, not really such a bad deal for our heroes. But like every other movie ever made, the true man. So barricade yourself in your steel-lined bunker, steal some Twizzlers, grab your Mac 10 from that weapons depot that all the teens know bout and join Tristan and Matt for Night Of The Comet. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #60 Ghoulies 3 : Ghoulies go to College (1991)

February 19, 2020

If you like Richard Kind making ADR poop jokes, I've got a movie for you. If you like your kids movies peppered with murder and nudity, I have a movie for you. If you like a movie that starts in the toilet and never really leaves, I've got a movie for you. So, put on your yanking crown, fill your squirt gun with goofy glue, and join Matt and Tristan as they shove their heads into the demonic toilet that is, Ghoulies 3. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #59 The Initiation (1984)

February 5, 2020

In the final entry in our Mall Madness Month here at the Fun Box Monster Podcast, we take a trip to The Fairchild Building for a sorority prank gone wrong epic. Kelly is a troubled young lady pledging an upscale sorority. For Hell Week she and her fellow pledges are tasked with stealing the clothes off a security guard in her father's store, which is 20 stories tall, and approximately 50 square miles of retail space. People die, secrets are revealed and recycled soap opera plots are shamelessly unleashed. Get your roller-skates strapped on, shave yourself the weirdest pencil thin mustache in cinema history, and join Matt and Tristan for the many twists and turns of The Initiation. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #58 Chopping Mall (1986)

January 30, 2020

With a name like Chopping Mall I expect one thing. Savings. Rock bottom pricing on name brands. And we get it. Plus, some scenes of robots murdering sexy teens. But mostly savings. So break up your furniture store sex party, set fire to your gas cans, and steer clear of that paint store, because that thing's a death trap...and join Matt and Tristan for Chopping Mall. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #57 Phantom of the Mall : Eric’s Revenge (1989)

January 22, 2020

When hunky acrobat Eric's family refuses to sell their house to greedy land developers, they hire that guy from Hack O' Lantern to burn it to the ground with his family in it. His girlfriend survives and tries to go on with her life by taking a job on the grounds where her boyfriend burned to death. She starts noticing on-the-nose gifts appearing around her and starts to suspect that Eric isn't as dead as previously assumed. So get on your stolen Bowflex, grab your toilet cobra, and dig into the body part contaminated frozen yogurt dessert that is, Phantom of the Mall. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #56 Hide & Go Shriek (1988)

January 15, 2020

When you're a sexed up teen graduating high school in mere days, there's only one place to go. THE FURNITURE STORE!!! Though our teens try as hard as they can to delay sex by setting up an elaborate game of hide and seek, eventually some does happen. Unfortunately for our teens, the forward thinking owner of Fine Furniture has taken the nontraditional step of letting an ex-con set up an apartment in the basement of his business and when the partying kids start disappearing he's the first suspect. But, things aren't always as they seem, and there's someone else in the building who likes dressing as his victims, and perpetuating hurtful stereotypes. So grab your bondage gear, your sweet dinosaur earrings, and dress up your collection of 500 furniture mannequins for the 1988 classic, Hide & Go Shriek!

Fun Box Monster Podcast #55

January 8, 2020

This lantern is hacked! (I'm trying out catch phrases. You know, for the kids) When the creepy Satanist grandpa known as "grandpa" brings his son/grandson (eew) Michael a pumpkin on Halloween, he also gives him a magic satan coin, redeemable at any coven for powers beyond imagining. He eventually grows up to be a sullen twenty-something living in his mom's basement, lifting weights, worshiping satan, and dating unbelievably attractive, rich ladies. When the time comes for him to be all he can be for satan, people start getting farming implements buried in their heads. But which satan is the satan that's killing everyone? Grab your devil costume, your power (which is in the blood), and drive your truck full of pumpkins into the rec center halloween party that is, Hack-O-Lantern. 

Fun Box Monster Podcast #54 Blood Salvage (1990)

January 3, 2020

Now it can be told. Blood Salvage is the shocking true story of the auto salvage industry. Jake is a well meaning junkyard owner who just wants to help people by sharing their organs with needy people and make a small profit on the side. Cruel beauty pageant contestant April proceeds to murder his whole family and never even pay for the repairs that Jake did on her camper. So, sharpen up some knitting needles, grab your poison casserole, and hook yourself up to the industrial life-support system that is, Blood Salvage.